Traditional Healing and Spirit Work

Traditional Healing and Spirit Work

From the day we come into this life, traumatic events can inform how we exist in the world.  Trauma can cause addiction, grief, fear, anxiety, anger, disordered eating, mental health fluctuations, and many other forms of disconnection from Self and Spirit.  These events are known to many healers as soul fractures, when a part of our being retreats into itself, hiding away from the wounding and causing a disconnection in our internal harmony.  Traditional healing work strives to bring the soul back into wholeness through ancestral healing, soul weaving, soul restoration, and many other deeply profound techniques that utilize song, drumming, herbs, and commuting with Spirit and animal Guides. 

Sessions are tailored to each person's needs, and are sliding scale for accessibility. 


House Clearing

Ceremony to energetically and spiritually cleanse a home.  More info coming soon!